The Kultured Karaite – Kultured Pearls in the Tanakh

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21 thoughts on “The Kultured Karaite – Kultured Pearls in the Tanakh

  1. Thank you so much for the program and the one you previously did which introduced me to kefir, only to find out my son and daughter in law were already making kefir! Since then I have looked into the subject on the internet and noticed on one video that the kefir grains being strained from the kefir looked rather stringy, not at all like the ‘cauliflower like’ kefir grains I was expecting to see. Are there different strains of kefir grains? And if so do they produced any different qualities in the kefir itself? Thanks again, I look forward to your answers.

  2. Shalom Ken!
    Thank you for writing and for your encouragement! Kefir grains can look different and even mine change from time to time. The can look like ribbons or cauliflower or even cottage cheese like. I have had mine since Sept and they are not at all the same as when I got them. This is normal because they are alive and growing and changing.

    From my research there are not “these kefir grains are better than those” because they are a living, changing organism. Tests have been done on lots of different grains from different areas of the world and the findings are very similar. That said, the differences that can occur will be the differences in milk. Raw milk is infinitely better than high heat pasteurized, but they will both produce kefir.

    I hope this helps and thanks again!! Keep us posted on how you like kefir!

  3. Very informational. I had to laugh when you guys were discussing the probiotic capsules. I am currently on a 14 day probiotic regimen that cost me over $100 for these capsules and now I am finding that kefir has possibly 400x more good bacteria in it….. :-/ I am so going to try this!
    Thank you Devorah for kindly responding!

    P.S. I am wondering what are your thoughts on cambucha. We have a batch going in our kitchen almost all the time. I hear various things about it. My only concern is how much sugar it takes to feed it. But if I understand it correctly, since it consumes the sugar in its fermentation process, the sugar actualle changes its properties. At least that is what I am finding.

    Jono, thank you for all the great programming!


  4. I would like to hear more about water kefir, grape juice kefir, etc (in other words, non dairy kefir). I think it would be helpful to remind us periodically what kefir grains are and that they are not actually made from grain. The term ‘kefir grains’ can be a bit confusing. Kultured Pearls is terrific, stay with it!

  5. Well, you Vandors just keep on blessing on so many levels. Thanks to you, I am newly encouraged to make the effort toward a more natural and healthful lifestyle. I have in my refrig as we speak, a jar of saurkraut, one of kim chee and some pickles. Also I just started a new kefir culture, it’s on the “bench”. Get off the fence and get on the bench, right?

  6. I’ve been doing kefir for quite a few years now and am of the belief that kefir is most likely mana. Mana means “what is it?” Today you taught me something I never knew, since I do not read well yet in Hebrew, but I get the jist of the Hebrew language. Chama sounds a lot to me like two words, life and what. I also read that the mana was to be put into a jar and kept so that the future generations would know what the children of Isra’el ate in the wilderness. Since so many truths are coming to pass these days, I will venture to say we may find more proof that kefir is mana. Finally about the wine and milk… One of my favorite ways to drink kefir milk is to pour about 1/2 C of grape juice into it and give the glass a swirl. I actually posted a photo of this on my FB wall earlier this week. Another way to use kefir grains is to use grape juice in place of milk. Once you do this, you can’t put those same grains back into milk, but it makes awesome wine, and this is the only wine I will use for my Pasach seder. I call this “living wine” and the fizz is awesome. Thank you all for a good topic, and those verses which opened my eyes to some really cool stuff. PS If you do not drink it durring the fizzy stage it gets really bitter and yucky. LJD

  7. What should one do if needing to take a break from the process for a few days as for a trip away? Can the grains be kept in the frig without milk/with milk, frozen? thanks for your reply.

    enjoyed what LaurieJo had to add.

  8. Many thanks to everyone for their great support!! We are so happy you are enjoying “Kultured Pearls”!!

    Aggy, I do not have any experience with kombucha, only what I have read. My issue with kombucha is the tea. Tea leaves contain more fluoride than any other plant because of the widespread use of fluoride these days. Even in other parts of the world tea leaves (black, green, red & white) test out to be high in fluoride which I try to avoid completely. And in this case organic means nothing since fluoride is in the water. It also has more of a vinegar-y taste and I am not as fond of it as I am kefir.

    All that said, I know folks who swear by it so I think it boils down to personal preference. Some probiotic in your daily food/drink is better than none!!

  9. Hi Dot!

    I said to Channi & Jono this week, I forget this is radio and people can’t “see” and I need to be more descriptive!!! I am not even sure why they are called grains except they are reminiscent of a soaked, puffed up grain.

    We will try to incorporate your suggestions but I also want to help people understand how much sugar is used in water kefir and how some of it remains. About 20% of what is used initially and it’s converted to fructose.

    The use of sugar and juices really should be kept to a minimum and we should always try to eat the vegetables and fruits as Yehovah made them and intended them to be eaten. While juice has it’s place, the blood sugar spike is big and that blood sugar spike is what has so many people over-weight and pre-diabetic and diabetic.

    For example when we eat an orange we get many benefits from all of it, even the fiber. The whole orange is extremely beneficial as it was created and the punch to blood sugar, or what is called Glycemic Load, is only about 4 ….while a 4 oz glass of orange juice is about 15!! Staying under 10 is optimal. Blood sugar spikes like this cause a myriad of issues and this information is just in recent years being understood and brought to the fore-front. It is more serious than we have understood.

    I want to encourage people to eat foods as Yehovah created them and that’s one big reason I love fermenting. One gets all of the benefit of the vegetable/fruit as it is raw, fiber, vitamins, etc. and in its natural state but also the benefit that fermentation brings.

    I know how healthy and whole you eat but hopefully someone will glean from this and adopt a whole food and balanced food way. I love what Vicki says…get off the fence and on the bench!! I am now calling my counter top a bench too!!!! LOL!!


  10. Thank you LaurieJo for the encouragement!! I did try the unsweetened organic grape juice in some kefir but only used 2 tablespoons, watching my sugar intake, but it was really delicious!! I will probably try some whole crushed grapes when they are in season and get the bigger benefit of the whole grape with a less punch to my blood sugar!! I am even looking forward to trying watermelon kefir!!!

    I have never had my kefir taste bitter or yucky….hum? Did you mean after you added the grape? But too, kefir doesn’t last long around here!!

  11. Fermented cabbage, or saurkraut (not pickled cabbage) is another great way of getting beneficial bacteria. Modern refrigeration has removed fermented cabbage from much of the diet.

  12. This information is great, but it kind of feels overwhelming:(. Do you get some of the same benefits from store bought kefir? I really want to believe the benefits, but over the years I have tried so many things that are supposed to be wonderful/beneficial without success.

  13. Hi Janice, I completely understand about new stuff being overwhelming. I am soon going to address that on the blog and the show. Please email about kefir grains I do have a wait list going but….I am going to start to prevail on some of my friends around here to send some out, hopefully!

    I promise the benefits are real. I too have tried so many things only to be disappointed and in some cases, even worse off than before. To add probiotic drink and food to my life, cutting out all grains and sugar, has been a benefit I can’t say enough about. It really works!!

    Thanks so much for your support of us!!

  14. Hi Dev, thank you for the Scriptural info relating to milk and kefir. So inspiring! And for the info of the precious goodness of kefir.

    A BIG thank you to Channi ; -)) Here’s my experience of growing kefir! I use fresh organic milk and the kefirs grew so well at room temperature. I had small amounts, like less than half a teaspoon
    in each of the 4 small bottles, with what I got freely, through the Post. I was so excited when the grains arrived in fresh goat’s milk!
    I was told to throw that out, as it would be 3 days’ old. I smelt it, and it smelled fine, so fragrant in fact!
    My regrets for throwing the cultured milk out : -((, but I kept back a little and drank it! IT WAS DELICIOUS!! My first taste of kefir milk!

    In 1 of the bottles I used organic almond milk at room temperature, for a day, i.e. the next day. The babies grew too, not as a big as in the fresh milk, but, tasted so almondly sweet. It was fabulous!
    I drink my kefir milk with organic grape juice, and I just love it, simply the BEST yogurt drink ever, not to mention the pure goodness of it.

    Thank you again Channi :-)) and Jono for these healthwise programs, Shalom!

  15. Wow, not only is Ya’el strong, I think she’s very motivated, and that was what gave her that strength she needed. How gutsy for a woman and so quick-witted.
    She must be having heaps of kefir milk!
    HalleluYAH to ABBA.

  16. Thanks for all your time and wonderful info.

    Genesis 1:29: And Elohim said, “See, I have given you every plant that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed, to you it is for food.
    Genesis 1:30: “And to every beast of the earth, and to every bird of the heavens, and to every creeping creature on the earth, in which there is life, every green plant is for food.” And it came to be so.

    From my understanding, based off of Gen. 1:29, all flesh ate a plant-based diet from Adam –> Noah. If so, how did all the first generations up until Noah use kefir grains? I would like to know how to benefit using these cultures within the guidelines of Gen. 1:29. You mention the grains eat lactose (milk sugar); could they find something to eat from a nut milk, etc.?

    Any info. you have for plant-eaters would be great. Thanks so much!

  17. We actually don’t know where kefir grains came from and do not know if they were around before the flood or not. We only know of “cultured” dairy from the time of Abraham. Whether it was even kefir is unclear.

    It has been my experience trying kefir grains in other mediums besides dairy, like almond milk and coconut milk, that they don’t do as well though they will culture it. They just need to be placed back in dairy to revive and thrive.

    Thank you for writing!

  18. Just listened to the Kefir discussion: I found Kefir this last year, I bought the milk grains, made it, loved it…..but I am an asthmatic and Milk makes mucus, mucus is bad for asthmatics , so I had to stop makeing the milk kefir…..I then bought the water grain kefir and am using it right now (not as good as the MGK). Question: Do the WGK and MGK have the same antbotic (for lack of a better word) STUFF in them?Thanks…….Kathy

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