Stephen Tamplin – Exercise Your Freedom of Choice to Make Positive Change

Central West Naturopathic

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* Both the intro & outro tracks are by Jono’s little sister, Kate Plummer, from her second album “The Leftover Sea“. It is a beautiful instrumental CD from a very talented guitarist and is available from Truth2U

2 thoughts on “Stephen Tamplin – Exercise Your Freedom of Choice to Make Positive Change

  1. Great show. Unfortunately these “clamp downs” are happening worldwide, which I guess is all part of the NWO agenda. The alternatives are working and the Big Pharma (Rockefeller) running the world in conjunction with the governments are feeling threatened.

    I have yet to meet a humble conventional doctor. Here is a classic example of how the arrogance of conventional doctors almost cost the life of this New Zealand farmer. Excellent video –

    Thanks again Jono and Stephen for a great show. Greetings from South Africa.

  2. I like to have a few dark chocolate chips from time to time myself ;)
    You should do an entire program on sugar, though it might not be very popular hahaha. Simply eliminating sugar from one’s diet could VASTLY improve one’s health!
    One thing I have noticed is that when I think I am craving something sweet, it’s actually that I’m thirsty and haven’t had enough water. If I’ve been drinking plenty of water, I won’t have any sweet cravings whatsoever.
    I also don’t consume much fruit because I actually don’t tolerate it very well. Most fruits are sooo sweet and give me short spurts of energy and then a terrible crash. I try to eat fruits with some protein- for example, blueberries in yogurt (homemade!). I also try to have protein or vegetables with carbs- such as eggs with toast, or veggies with rice. Straight carbs/sugar don’t do well with me.

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