Nehemia Gordon & Keith Johnson – Pearls from the Torah Portion – Terumah – Exodus 25:1-27:19

The photograph above was taken by Nehemia Gordon, about which he writes:

The “Temple Institute” created this replica of the Menorah which they intend to be used in the future Temple. The replica is gold-plated instead of solid gold as commanded in the Torah (Exodus 25:36, 39). It also has a stepped base instead of a tripod as in the earliest Jewish artistic representations of the Menorah. The stepped base comes from the portrayal of the Menorah on the Arch of Titus in Rome. Location: Jewish Quarter, Old City, Jerusalem.

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  1. Jeannette Hall says

    This was anything but a boring Torah portion today, so many Torah pearls. I really liked the understanding Nehemia brought out about what is truly in the Arch of the Covenant. Thank you all for this amazing program. I look forward to it every week.

  2. catherine kipapa says

    i always enjoy your pearls, thank you.
    the discussion about what was in the ark was good. i always open up a lexicon program along with other tools. if i heard right. nehemia said that the words (the ark) of the covenant) were not in the original text, so i looked in my aramaic english new test. book and even this book said (the ark) could you please confirm this error. that’s if i am understanding right, that this is a problem.
    thanks and blessings from michigan

  3. Darcy Landau says

    In my opinion the radio website talks a lot about nice issues. Not enough about the real issues. Such as the the traditions of men and topics not to offend people. Not enough of getting into the scriptures and understanding what the Torah and Tanakh have to say. Thank you.

  4. Warren B says

    Great Torah discussion. I’m learning a lot. I like Nehemiah’s Hebrew interpretation. So good to know what the real Hebrew word is saying.
    I looked up references to atonement and found this:
    In Exodus 30:10 it says, “And Aaron shall make an atonement (a kapporah) on the horns (karenot) of it once in a year…”

  5. Natalie Mitton says

    I study with Rabbi Messer, Simchat Torah in Denver, CO. A couple of years ago he interviewed an engineer who explained how the Inner Court is constructed to be a capacitor that produced energy for the camp. You can find the interview at From time to time, it is posted, otherwise it is available on video under the title “Temple Technology.” I find it to be fascinating.

  6. Peggy Miller Cunningham says

    I just wanted to say “thank you” again. I don’t always have a lot of comments, but want you to know that I download these discussions and make copies for my friends every week – we all enjoy them and learn a lot.


  7. Gabe says

    At Natalie, you apparently missed all the drama associated with Ralph Messer.

  8. Sheldon Wilson says

    Sorry. So the Israelites had electricity? With all of the outlandish things that the Talmud claims happened, you would think that would’ve gotten mentioned.

  9. Rob Lotz says

    This is the section I was reading as a Sunday-Christian when I asked our Father, “Is this really important? Do I really need to know this? Please, isn’t this just old information?”
    He must love me because He led me to the beginning point of my Hebraic reawakening.
    My understanding of Torah (still a work in progress) allows me to see the importance of what I used to see as boring and unimportant.
    Blessed be YHWH for allowing me to wake up from my Greco-Roman-Babylonian spirituality.

  10. Kimberly says

    Well, this torah pearl has convinced me that I need to take notes while I’m listening so I can remember what I want to comment on! All I know now is IT WAS EXCELLENT!

  11. Kimberly says

    I never realized that the manna and Aaron’s rod were NOT in the ark! I’m one of the ones who has always been taught that they were. Very eye-opening that there are so many scriptures showing that they weren’t!

    The only thing I’d been taught was that the “law of Moses” was in a pocket on the side of the ark, according to Deut 31:26. Now, I’m thinking that this also means the sefer torah was beside the ark just as the rod and manna were before the ark…

  12. Linda and Phil says

    The book “Talking With God” by Roger D. Isaacs is a book about the Ark of the Testimony and relates the laws of physics and chemistry to the words holy, sanctify, glory, sin, atone, plague, cherubim, etc. Dr. Isaacs has a website you can visit, but I cannot remember the name of it right now. I found the book fascinating. The book provides a logical answer as to why YHVH might have told the Israelites to build the articles in such a precise way (other than kah-kah! if that is the way it is spelled)

  13. Tammy says

    Great discussion, and so much fun to listen to. Thank you!

  14. Patsy Furlong says

    As always, gentlemen, you made Torah alive for me! Thank you for the time and energy you put into this and the love you have for Yehovah and His word!

  15. Fayvah Steffie says

    Thank you so much for the Torah portions. Do you have the written portions I can get?

  16. nicolette says

    the atonement covering: a covering over the atonement: the 10 words: a covering over the 10 words: the 10 words are atonement?

  17. shirley gibson says

    i love this opportunity to enter in through the front door of Torah and get to know Yehovah’s truth as He reveals it for us – one step at a time. This is the beginning of what I have been praying – to know His truth and His truth only as he meant it not as how it has been released to us. Thank you so much for these torah pearls – they are such eye openers. May Yehovah continue to bless us with opened eyes and hearing ears and a heart to receive.

  18. May says

    “Where is the ark of the covenant? Is it hidden under your bed?” ROFLMHQO! 😀 That was classic!! Awesome on a stick!

  19. Johnny Torres says

    1:06:27 to 1:07:37 —> This part is simply awesome!!! Blessed be Yehová our Eternal Father 🙂

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