Yoel ben Shlomo – Tradition – Shabbat – Part 3

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  1. tamara mcintyre says

    This is too funny. On Shabbat, we often get carried away with worship and other things before we eat together. By this time, things like pizza, etc., are cold. It drives me crazy. We’ve gotten a lot better about keeping food warm until we are ready to eat. I am glad to see that I am not the only one who’s had to deal with the issue of cold food.

  2. John Holsti says

    Shalom. Something I’ve been wondering about is the prohibition of driving on the Sabbath. What do you think of driving a diesel car? It doesn’t ignite the fuel, as a spark plug would in a gasoline car, the fire here starts with compression. Is kindling the fire the same as lighting the fuel on fire? I know this is splitting hairs, and in the grand scheme of things this problem is as close to the bottom of the list as possible, but I keep wondering…. What do you think Yoel? Thanks.

  3. Ester says

    Thank you Joel, for clearing up some stuff and speaking so boldly against what’s not right. The issue of candles, some would relate to as pagan practice, but those who are accustomed to it, just as with traditions, miss that ‘special’ ushering in of Shabbat, but the waving of hands and over the eyes is definitely out-Joel has spoken! :-))
    My favourite shabbat dish is cholent! Or, for any other celebration, nothing can beat that. YUM!

  4. Darren Chan says

    As a “gentile” when we discovered the Shabbat over 4 years ago we were pretty much on our own as to how to observe it.

    My family is so conditioned to eating cold Tacos, Chinese food, Spaghetti and even cold soup that people think we are weird. Now I realize that they were right, we are weird. Thanks for teaching about the warming of food for Shabbat.

    Yoel, thank you for the objectiveness in your teachings to help us discern among the various practices of tradition. Coming from Torah-less Christianity I do to appreciate the beautiful traditions of Judaism that do guide the people toward the Torah.

    And it would be awesome to know the Torah so well and be able to reference it by events and not by chapter and verse, I’m envious.

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