Nehemia Gordon & Keith Johnson – Pearls from the Torah Portion – Beshalach – Exodus 13:17-17:16

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  1. ellen says

    yes, yes, yes…do the prophets.

    noticed that when the israelites at marah were thirsty a branch was thrown into the water and it was sweet. reminds me of when the branch (or whatever) was thrown into the water and the sheep were more fertile for jacob. interesting.

  2. Chris & Sandra says

    i remember that story about the people keeping the oath for over 800 years, i think it was about not eating something or other. We were wondering if it is possible for the Torah portion to be read all the way through before discussion?

  3. dot olsen says

    Yehovah Nissi can also be translated as Yehovah my Miracle, can it not???

  4. Ron says

    The issue of the “Red sea” was not mentioned in this broadcast, but actually the original text says it was “Yam Suph” – the sea of reeds. The scientists proved that the reeds have never grown on the Red sea, and they suppose it was one of the salt lakes somewhere in that area. It would be interesting to learn Nehemia Gordon’s opinion.

  5. Chris & Sandra says

    just found it….they did not drink wine or settle long in one place because of their oath.

  6. Brian says

    Please read through to the prophets. Nehemiah, can you give info on your english translation of your hewbrew bible. Where do I get one? Many thanks. Send me an email on bible if you can.

  7. Sheryl says

    Yeah! Thinking of the Prophet Pearl Portions. I was praying this wouldn’t stop after the Torah portions were read. HalleluYAH!

  8. Elaine says

    You have great fans and he have GREAT teachers!Love y
    ou all….

  9. Linda and Phil says

    We have been listening since the beginning and it seems to us that the quality of the talk is degenerating into jokes and laughter too much. Please listen to your broadcast and hear yourselves. Quit it with all the jokes and laughing, and get back to the Bible and the Torah portion, which is the real reason we are listening.

  10. ronnie says

    I sure appreciate you guys…bless~

  11. Dafydd says

    Regarding the Prophets, a big “Yes, please” from me.

    Regarding Red Sea crossing – distance is 10 miles over pathway one quarter to one half a mile wide (Nuweiba Beach to Midian). Some interesting photos including chariot wheels still under the sea can be seen at

    Regarding the wells / palm trees (Exodus 15:27), the 12 & 70 pattern is found throughout the Bible. 12 Tribes of Israel (later 13 with Manasseh “grand-fathered” in) together with the 12 Apostles (later 13 with Paul’s inclusion). 70 for the Clans of Israel (principal sub-tribal groupings) and the elders who went to Egypt (72 according to the Septuagint). Compares with the “72 others” (Luke 10:1) Yehoshua sent out. From these 72 Clans shall emerge the 144,000 from ALL the Tribes of Israel, 1,000 Priests and 1,000 Rulers (72 x 2 x 1,000 – 144,000).

    Here we have the hierarchical structure of the Messianic Kingdom, with Messiah ben David as King of Kings, the 13 Apostles as Tribal Kings, 72 “others” as principal rulers of nations (subordinate to the Apostles), and the 144,000 as the chief Priests and Rulers subordinate to the 72.

    How do we know that 72 is the correct number (for the KJV only readers)? The High Priest’s tunic has, around its hem, 72 pairs of bells and pomegranates.

  12. Tango Mike says

    Great show today Jono,
    Nehemia and Keith do so much to fill in the blanks, but still, I am always left with so many unanswered questions. For instance, why did the children of Israel need manna when they had herds and flocks? Something wrong with roast lamb in the desert? Why did the manna spoil so rapidly with worms? This seems supernatural and must have a meaning. Also, why was there not any water waiting for the Children at their destination camps instead of suffering them to complain. Finally, with all the supernatural works of YHWH destroying the Egyptian Army while bringing them out of bondage, why was insignificant little old Amalek able to destroy to the ones who fell behind? What does this mean? Any advice would be appreciated.

  13. Darren Chan says

    Yes, please walk us through the Hebrew understanding of the Prophets!

    I personally enjoy the interaction between the three of you, are you guys a little crazy at times? Yes, but so am I, and I need a good laugh to get me through this life outside of the Kingdom especially when reinforced with a good Torah teaching.

    As a “Christian” I never thought I would love so much to believe IN Yehovah and IN Moses.

    Thanks guys, looking forward to the next Torah-mawn.

  14. Darren Chan says

    BTW There are websites where the entire Torah is sung in Hebrew, can you guys do a musical Torah portion someday? I was impressed with Nehemia’s singing ability!

    Seriously, so beautiful to hear Nehemia recite the song of Moses in Hebrew, our family thoroughly loved it, thank you!

  15. Kevin George says

    Torah pearl! Check the spelling in Hebrew of seventh in verses 29 & 30 of chapter 16. When the people rested, a yod is dropped. They removed their hand (yad) from laboring, right?

  16. Rob Lotz says

    Toda Jono, Keith and Nehemia! I look forward to your broadcast each week. As each of us seek out the truth among the lies of the world, it’s nice to have someone shine a bright-light from the Torah to help us find our way.
    Shalom and Love.

  17. Ester says

    Simply fabulous midrash! Thank you, Jono.
    Thank you Keith for pointing out YAH in the Hebrew text, another YAH in 17:16 “because YAH has sworn by His throne…”.
    Much to glean from the comments as well, thank you all.
    Blessings in Y’shua!

  18. shirley gibson says

    Oh Yehovah – Yes please bless these three men with the time and the finances needed to do the Prophets Pearls including as well the minor prophets. Father – you know how hungry you are making your people for your truth and your truth only- whose hunger only You can satisfy. Open the door for these pearls to be released to those who have ears to hears and eyes that see and hearts who are willing to understand. Thy will be done Yehovah on earth as it is in heaven. Thank you Yehovah for answering this pray. Amen

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