Yoel ben Shlomo – Touring Joshua’s Altar on Mount Ebal

Photos are taken by Yoel.
12 Years after the Murder – Jewish Hikers Return to Mount Eval

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5 thoughts on “Yoel ben Shlomo – Touring Joshua’s Altar on Mount Ebal

  1. Thank you Yoel, you are helping to keep our hope alive and well in the Scriptures through the teaching, telling, and photos of your experience at Joshua’s altar.

  2. Thank you Yoel. Your mention of the natural acoustics reminded me of Nehemia and Keith’s discovery of the location where Yehoshua gave us the sermon on the mount. YHWH is allowing these discoveries to happen in this time, Is this a sign perhaps of Daniel’s prophecy that knowledge shall increase?

  3. So informative, not only of the natural aspect of the Land and Mountains Gerizzim and Eval, that brings us into a fuller, clearer picture, but also on the facts of archaeology by non Bible believers who are scorners. And you’re right in your anger against such, Joel, thank you for imparting your knowledge.
    Thank you for this program, Jono.

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