Nehemia Gordon & Keith Johnson – Pearls from the Torah Portion – Bo – Exodus 10:1-13:16

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  1. crystal says

    Could the darkness mentioned in the Torah Portion “Bo”, could that be the same darkness that was on the earth before creation or could that be the darkness of their sin manifesting?

  2. Debra says

    Chapter 12 Begone and may you bring a blessing upon me also! Translated to me means:
    By your leaving you Israelites, my life is going to be MUCH better. This is the blessing Pharoah is looking forward to.

  3. caleb says

    (could the lamb be a Egptyian god,and is this a
    look forward to a christian god the lamb ? to
    show that there is only one real God (YeHoVaH)
    no son no way mate that is what i got out of this

  4. Devora Forsman says

    Wow! I just had a good old fashion “Holy Ghost” worship session! I just loved this teaching and will prob listen to it over and over. I am so glad I live out in the country. I can listen to these teachings and praise Yehovah as loud as I want to right here in my living room. Halleluyah! Praise Yehovah!

  5. Linda Merchant says

    Will the “Bloopers By Baby X” be available soon? Seriously, thank you for your teaching, our 12 year old grandson has begun listening with us and sharing with his school & facebook friends. He has even found opportunities to share some of your thoughts with his “Christian school” teacher. (thanks guys). The three of you have sparked his (and ours) interest and answered so many questions for us, you are strengthening our faith. Thank you.

  6. Linda Merchant says

    Ref. Ex 10:12…YAHOVAH told Moses to “stretch out his hand” and we see that Moses “stretched out his staff”. Just a thought, this is a perfect example of how we (mankind) think we need to add to what the Word says.

  7. ellen says

    went to service last night…met a new attendee and was sharing nehemiah’s testmony(without credting the source) re oral vs wrtten word of moses–torah vs rabinic writing…when this new frend suggested i have to read the work of this excellent/solid teacher nehemiah gordon…i was thrilled to share about these torah pearls. you see guys you are making an impact in ways you cannot imagine. thanks for the blessing

    these teachings truly elevate and give glory to our Father

  8. Elaine says

    lol….would love to hear the “Bloopers By Baby X” Love this teaching guys! Bless you all.

  9. Darren Chan says

    Very encouraging to hear from Nehemia confirming for us that there is “one Torah” for the Jew and Gentile, and that those not of physical Israel do count and have hope.

    Reminds me of King Solomon when he dedicated the Temple and prayed for the stranger “not of thy people Israel” in 1 Kings 8:41 and that all the people of the earth may know and fear the name of Yehovah as do the people of Israel.

    And is Yoel ben Shlomo of the line of Aaron? How do I locate a Cohen to redeem my first born son as we live in the U.S.

    Thanks Jono for all the work that you do to bring us these great programs!

  10. Darren Chan says

    Wow, I just noticed how the verses noted in the comments are actually brought up to be read when the cursor is placed over them, cool! 1 Kings 8:42, 1 Kings 8:43

  11. Elizabeth says

    I am so grateful that Yehovah gives us the gift, through His word, of seeing that each great man of faith was still very much a man and each has flaws. It shows our Heavenly Father’s greatness, and that we should not overly idolize Moshe or David or anyone but properly direct our awe towards Yehovah!

  12. Dane says

    My idea of darkness: Could it have been a thick fog which so saturates the air that it is impossible to kindle a fire (their only form of light, other than the heavenlies, which would have been obscured by the fog)? If this rolled in after the Egyptians put out their fires for the night, they would have been unable to rekindle a fire in the morning. Indeed, it didn’t say that the light was in the land of Goshen, but rather, in the dwellings of the Israelites. If a fire was kindled prior to the darkness rolling in, as in people lighting the Sabbath lights, it would have survived the extreme humidity to burn on. This fog might have been in conjunction with a vocanic ash cloud which kept the sunlight from dissapating the fog.

  13. Peter says

    You were asking about the 3 days of darkness, I see it as a complete absense of light. Try to imagine a depravation chamber where there is no light at all, and this has been done, ppl have gone crazy in them, just because there is no light at all. It will be a tangible darkness, one you can even taste. This is the darkness across Mitsrayim during those 3 days, it was sending the ppl crazy. But the Hebrews had light in their homes, I believe they had light that came from Yah Himself, one that the darkness could not touch. No one else cold see this light as they were all in darkness, only Yah’s ppl were in the light.

  14. Peter says

    Also, Thinking about the plagues in general, that they are precursers to the would wide plagues coming on this world during the time of Ya’acov’s trouble, that the five months of darkness that this world will go through will be terrible indeed, a madness will sweep across the globe, and only Yah’s ppl wil have the light, only we wil be able to see in that time. If three days of darkness sent the Mitsrites crazy, what will 5 months bring?

    Shalom all

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