Nehemia Gordon & Keith Johnson – Pearls from the Torah Portion – Vayigash – Genesis 44:18-47:27

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  1. Mike says

    G’day Jono,

    Go ahead and start Jonoism. There are plenty of precedents: Menno Simons started the Mennonites, Peter Waldo founded the Waldensians, Tarzan’s girlfriend came up with Jainism, the Ruckmanites were AFL players and the Orthodox sect was originally comprised of medical practitioners who wrote books.

    Incidentally, I didn’t quite catch the name of those sheep you mentioned so I surfed the net and found ‘Assaf’. Was that them? If so, go to this link —

    and check out the picture of a representative of the breed.This former Egyptian god has converted and is clearly sporting Jewish pe’ot!

  2. betz says

    O-mi-gosh….it’s Vayigash!!!!

  3. Darren Chan says

    I’m glad to see Nehemia and Keith are still on speaking terms together after Keith’s spin on Psalms 22 during Michael Rood’s Hanukkah broadcast.

    Simply stunning to listen to Nehemia speak the pure language of Hebrew and thanks Keith for extracting such valuable knowledge out of this Jewish guy!

    Coming from Christianity I never dreamed I would be seeking Torah and loving the sound of Hebrew so much. From Nehemia’s perspective of the NT writings Yeshua led me to the Salvation in our Father’s Torah.

    Thanks again for another great program Jono, keep’m coming!

  4. Pierre Lussagnet says

    Thank you for the work you all guys do.
    YHWH bless.

  5. Leon Brand says

    Southpark?? probably the most wicked show on TV. Did he introduce him to krack too? shame on a “pastor” setting that trash in front of him. Ps 101:3 still appies here. I can’t believe I have to “explain” to my kids a pastor is not supposed to watch this garbage, for any reason. Otherwise, love your show.

  6. J R Israel says

    When we first heard this prayer in Hebrew ‘to open our eyes to the hidden wonders of Torah’ our family bowed to the east as it was prayed….and I am really seeing new hidden wonders during the week as i read the Torah. THANKS…Keep saying that prayer for “Faith cometh by Hearing and Hearing by the word of YHWH’

  7. says


    This is how I was always taught about this verse.

    Here we have an old man (Jacob) standing before Pharaoh. Pharaoh can see this is an old guy and so he asks, “How old are you?”

    Jacob Answers, “I’m 130, but this is nothing”

    It would mean ‘nothing’ if you consider that Noah’s son Shem was a CONTEMPORARY with Jacob. Being 130 is not that old when you have other relatives you knew and talked with that are 400 or 600 years old.

    Read the verse again with this context and I’m sure it will make more sense.

  8. Sprinkler Man says

    Yes, New2Torah, I would also add that when Jacob said “few and evil have been the days of my pilgrimage ” he was simply giving honor to his own God in the face of what he knew about the Egyption system of worship. He was simply saying that most of his life had been blessed although a few had been, well, not so much. Doesn’t this make complete sense? On another note, when Joseph seemed to give away and attribute all responsibility for the brothers sinful doings to the doorstep of YHVH, I disagree completely and believe that this quite shortsighted altogether. Almighty God does not orchestrate evil. He can however use anything, anyone and all circumstances for our good. I’ll try to explain. Unlike the side of the “rightly dividing” ledger concerning salvation, “not of works”, where He chooses us, there is a choice given to us as we “work out our salvation with fear and trembling”. It is on this side of the balanced ledger where we choose our path and He directs our steps. It just so happens that Almighty God can fortell this and in this Torah passage, gave Joeseph dreams. Why? To cause trouble? NO! God was going to preserve these folks regardless and as the evil played out, Joey boy was going to need some encouragemen, and it wasn’t going to come from his circumstances. God did not design and then orchestrate evil! PERIOD! Once the salvation issue is settled (hint: before the foundations of the world was laid), He then works out all things for the good of his eternal elected children. Just why this is all playing out is for another time and discussion but extremely encouraging nonetheless! Be blessed elected one’s. I as others around the world enjoy these discussions. At this date, may our great God bless you men and particularly Nehemiah as he wrestles with God on his sabatical. Yes, I believe Nehemiah is indeed an elected one and will one day, one way bow his knees to Yahushua. If he is truely an elected one, it’s already a done deal! So,, rest my brother, rest in YHVH. With what’s coming, you are going to need much greater power than you have now. Amein

  9. Teshuva Ministries says

    I see Joseph as a shadow picture of the first and second advent of Yeshua. First coming as the suffering servant to Potiphar before having his robe torn and imprisoned. When he comes back after “two full years” (Genesis 41:1), he returns as the savior and practical ruler of the world.

    What I found very interesting in all this was the “two full years” that’s in between the advents. Looks like this could be a prophetic foreshadowing of the two thousand years awaiting for the return of Yeshua.

  10. Elaine Preece says

    Right on Keith…….Yeshua !!!!!!

  11. Kimberly Callahan says

    I have to agree with Teshuva Ministries – I’ve been blown away with the parallels between Joseph and Yeshua; Sent by the father to the brothers, rejected by the brothers, betrayed by Judah, received among the nations, becomes concealed in pagan garb, brothers don’t recognize him because he’s “paganized”, reveals himself, is received by his brothers and saves the world. How many coincidences have to happen before we decide it’s not a coincidence?

  12. Chucking says

    Sprinkler Man, this is probably coming too late for you to see it, but in reference to God only doing good and not evil, I direct your attention to Isaiah 45:7: ‘I form the light and create darkness: I make peace and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.’ KJV.

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