Nehemia Gordon & Keith Johnson – Pearls from the Torah Portion – Toldot – Genesis 25:19-28:9

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  1. Luz M. Parker says


  2. Ingrid says

    Blessings to all!

    Very interesting to hear about the meaning of satan in scripture, and how we who do not understand the Hebrew language did not know any different. And the three wells digging I found personally very interesting. Would like to say something here about Rebecca, when she choose to carry to curse instead of her son. Abigail did the same for her husband Nabal. In all this could it be that the women were protecting the seed which had to come forth yet.

  3. Sharon Fulton says

    Thank you all so much for this effort. So much food for thought!

  4. Garry Brown says

    In my studies, Jacob was preparing the mourners meal for his father Issac because of the death of Abraham. This was really Esau’s job because he was the firstborn. He cared not for the things of Abraham or Yahovah. If i am wrong, then never mind.
    I love this show and Keith, Nehemia and Jono.

  5. Sheryl says

    Thank-you! Thank-you! Every week just keeps getting better.
    Yehovah Bless you for your time putting this on the air for us every week.

  6. says

    So close but only a brief mention of Verse 40 in Chapter 27. What was the yoke spoken of in that verse???

    Does anyone know of commentary regarding this? Is this Prophetic?


  7. Kieran says

    Midget Camels =D

  8. Miri says

    Too much stuyote…
    Alabama comment NOT funny, Nehemiah.
    even worse than Jono calling Sara “hot”.

  9. jono vandor says

    G’day Miri, sorry to have offended you. I admit I should have verbalized more respect for the mother of the nation of Israel. I sincerely apologize. My point was that she, despite her age, was a beautiful woman to behold.

    As for “Alabama”, well, truthfully I thought that was funny… sorry to everybody in Alabama, it was just a joke 😉

  10. Shelley says

    I didn’t find anything disrespectful or rude or inappropriate about anything anyone said.

  11. Suzanne says

    Our family has been sitting together each week and listening, Thank You, it is great. I have read 2 of the books “The Prayer to Our Father” and “Greek Jesus vs Hebrew Yeshua”, I am now reading “His Hallowed Name”, it is taking me awhile for this one, very deep, and very good – I seem to get a feeling of heaviness when I read it, not sure why. Our family reads the Torah Portions on Friday eve, after Shabbat dinner, we started doing this 3 years ago, So Shabbat day (Sat) We listen to the 3 of you now, Rico Cortes and on (Sun) AND (Tues) we listen to EL SHADDAI (Mark Biltz). I wanted to share this for those looking for more, We love it ALL. Can’t get enough of that (GOOD,GOOD,STUFF) contrary to that ( Red, Red,Stuff) Ha – GOOD DAY! SHALOM!

  12. David Nowlin says

    May YHVH remind us that we are all flesh!
    No need to get so touchy over little comments that are not meant to offend.
    That is a hard lesson for me but I am working on it.

  13. Sincerity says

    We enjoy your Torah portion every Shabbot; you bring up many intresting angles. We espically appreciate the Hebrew background. The way you prounounce the name of G-D; that is not how we prounounce HIS Name. Could you explain how you came to your way of Prounouncing His Name.


  14. James Robertson says

    The Book of Jasher provides some credence to Rome belonging to Esau. (Chapter 61 -64 of a recent English translation) refers to Zepho, son of Eliphaz (could this have been the Eliphaz of the book of Job?), son of Esau being received with great honour in Chittim (Italy, Rome) and eventually made him their king (verse 64) and he reigned over the whole land of Chittim and Italia fifty years (verse 65).

    The Book of Jasher:


  15. Miri says

    Obviously you don’t know what “stuyote” means.

    It’s just not seemly nor fitting for the high calling…
    (Shelly’s and Nowlin’s scolding out voted me, anyway).

    however, I am not contentious,
    carry on…

  16. Tyler Dawn says

    What does stuyote mean? I did an internet search after seeing the original post and absolutely nothing comes up. Please explain. Not quite fair to expect folks to understand what a term means when the definition isn’t accessible via dictionary or search engine.

  17. Zehava says

    Such a blessing! Shalom Aleichem Brothers, and Georgia! Todah

  18. miri says

    Glad you asked
    Stuyote means FOOLISHNESS in Hebrew

  19. Dafydd says

    Nehemia, Shalom,

    Rome & Germany are associated with Edom (and Assyria also with Germany). I understand why Jewish lore associates Edom with Christianity generally, as the Roman (Edomite) influence is still very strong on the Christian church. This is why I speak of the Edomite influence, rather than the Constantinian influence, as used by Jono.

    Rome was established as a colony of Sparta, which was an Edomite ruled domain, and their influence spread into Germany with the northern expansion of the “Holy Roman Empire”. When the Parthian (exiled Israel) empire fell and moved into Europe, elements of Edom and Assyria (previously defeated by exiled Israel) moved with them. The exiled Israelites continued on to Western Europe and Scandinavia, the Edomite and Assyrian components remained primarily in eastern Germany.

    This explains why Herod the Idumaean (Edomite) ran to Rome for assistance after Parthia booted him out and installed their chosen Jewish ruler over the Jews in land of Israel. This resulted in numerous Roman / Parthian wars, in which Parthia was always victorious. Those two powers eventually agreed upon the Euphrates River as the border, and they co-existed for some time till the Magi came into town looking for the (Christian) Messiah. This event almost caused another major Roman / Parthian war, the two armies faced off over the Euphrates in 1 AD, but no war resulted on that occasion.

    Germany was a mixture of 10-Israel, Edom and Assyria, but most of 10-Israel (primarily Mannesah) moved to America some time ago.

    Edomites aren’t necessary “bad” people. Caleb for example, the first hero of Judah, was an Edomite. The Bible also clearly instructs that Edomites, after three generations associated with the Hebrews, cannot be denied full entry to the Hebrew family.

    Now here’s the rub. If Adolph Eichmann’s grandson (if he has one), was a keen student of Torah, was known and associated with the Jewish community, and wanted to be acknowledged as a Rabbi, his request could not be refused.

    This is what YHVH means by a “circumcised heart”.

  20. mary says

    Fulfilling the quest of listening to a Torah Pearl every day. For this one on the “momma’s boy” comment. Vs 23 could be the answer as Y_H told her the future and she keeps this info in the back of her mind. maybe
    Thanks again, loving this and learning so much. Eat eat eat. Yummmmmmy

  21. Karen Harvey says

    So glad you archived the Torah Pearls from last year. We miss Nehemia and pray he is doing well Would love an update on both Nehemia and Keith. Hope the 3 of you will be back at it soon.

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