Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson – Pearls from the Torah Portion – Chayei Sarah – Genesis 23:1-25:18

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  1. Andy says

    ” No, it wasn’t Elijah,” ROTFL!!!

  2. Darren Chan says

    I appreciate the insight into the Hebrew context presented and in Scripture with the understanding that the Torah is to be read to the men, women, and to the “children”.

    I have young children listening to these Torah pearls and get caught off my guard when the graphic interpretations are presented. Is there anyway it could be toned down a bit, less emphasized or less accented in the program? Just my input.

    I realize every single Word of Yehovah is important and we have looked forward to these weekly Torah portions and would like to continue listening to them as a family.

    Thanks and Shalom

  3. Devorah says

    I felt you did a good job at being discriptive, and giving us an idea of biblical examples of how the thigh could be the family jewels, and didn’t find it offensive for my family and all my schoolaged children. Thank you for making the torah understandable…its like a lightbulb goes on everytime you three do this! Thank you!

  4. Nene Notgonnasay says

    wow Great job guys I really have been enjoying this alot!! Thank You.
    Blessings and Shalom

  5. John Holsti says

    Thanks for a “frank” discussion. Dancing around graphic concepts serves no one. It’s in the Bible, there for our edification – we have to talk about it. I can appreciate the sensitivity of the issue, I have young children. So….I haven’t discussed this story, Jeptha, Soloman’s child spliting verdict, etc with my kids. They are not ready for it.

    Sometimes however, these things do come up, and have to be dealt with, just like Christmas, the tooth fairy, Sabbath vs Sunday, etc. Kids ask questions and I need to be prepared with an answer (even if its hard). Shalom

  6. J R ISRAEL says

    We usually read the Torah portion ahead of time (from David H. Stern’s Complete Jewish Bible) so we have an idea if the story might contain subjects not sutable for young children.Just a suggestion for those with young ones.Thanks. I liked the reality of looking for someone more than a little princess.

  7. FredJenn Joswick says

    Every week we look forward to listening to Pearls from the Torah. Its like were all in the room together talking and having a great time. Keep up the great work!

    Aloha & Shalom~

  8. Peggy Miller Cunningham says

    I raised two children, and homeschooled my first one. My suggestion for anyone with children who are listening to ANY teaching (not just the Torah Pearls), would be for the parents to listen or watch everything first to determine the suitability of the material. Parents can take notes and share the information in an age-appropriate manner to children if they feel the discussion is too frank for their child.

    Even though the topics being discussed are in Scripture, surely everyone is aware that YHWH’s Word is frank and explicit regarding matters of life and death.

    I personally do not want these teachings watered down. I am an adult and want all the information these teachers have to share.

  9. New2Torah says

    My father in law who spent many years in Papua New Guniea as a missionary told me during this Torah portion that it is customary as a way of gratitude to grab someones genitals. For example he once gave a tribesman his sunglasses, the tribesman showed his gratitude by grabbing my father in law’s crotch for a brief moment.

  10. New2Torah says

    REQUESTS: In the next Torah portion pearls, can Nehemiah or Keith address Gen. 27:39-40? Particularly verse 40 where it says that Jacob holds a yoke over Esau and that Esau will break the yoke of Jacob. What yoke is being described here.

    It seems to our study group that it has been the people of Esau that have had a yoke over Jacob all this time as Israel has long been persecuted by the people of Esau all these years.

    We would appreciate any insight on this verse.

    Thanks, love the show!


  11. Ingrid says

    Awesome once again, Torah pearls to have for those who are seeking after them :).. Many thanks to you guys !

  12. Shelley says

    I have to say that I appreciate the ‘graphic interpretations’. I am learning so much from these teachings and a part of that learning is learning the FACTS. And some times facts are graphic.

    The scriptures do not have a ‘G’ rating. When we read the scriptures to our children, we probably won’t read that Onan spilled his seed on the ground, unless we want to offer some explanation that I cannot fathom one could make ‘age appropriate’.

    I didn’t know Jacob was being molested until I listened to these. I didn’t know that Isaac was partaking of his wife in an at least some what public way until I listened to these.

    I want to know these things. I don’t want them to be toned down. How do you tone down pedophilia? It’s there. I didn’t know it was there until I listened to these. I want to know it’s there. I want to know what’s in the scriptures. I want to know the truth. I don’t want to know a muddied version of them. I got that in church.

    Perhaps the teachings should be considered age appropriate.

  13. Hanok ben-Isaak says

    Great study! Always enjoy listening to you three!


  14. shirley gibson says

    first of all – thank you so much for these torah pearls. I thank Yehovah for leading me here at this time. This helps so much in comprehending the truth of Yehovah. This understanding helps greatly when we get that nudge that there is more here but not knowing where and how to put it together. I was in the other room listening to this pearl when this movie scene played out while listening to you discuss this pearl. Just a thought to throw out into the mix – could Genesis 24-25:1 be a shadow type of the Father Yehovah and the search for His first born Yeshua’s wife? I like that 25:1 ends with after Yehovah finds a wife for his first born son Yeshua – then he remarries! Is it possible that this is a shadow type that says the Father will present his son Yeshua – the last adam- with his Eve – then the Father Yehovah will remarry “the Last adam and eve and all that have joined themselves to him” as the renewed Israel – Yehovah’s wife.
    just a thought – i would love to know what Nehemia and Keith think about this possible pearl. Thank you – May Yehovah bless us with His Truth and His Truth only.

  15. Lewis says

    I too am a parent. If God didn’t want a child to hear anything in His Word, it would not be in there. There wa a time when I would have thought that the seal of this covenant between Abraham and the servant was too graphic but now I recognize that it is exactly what He wanted even children to hear and know about. Do we imagine that the children of that time were “shielded” from this important symbol of trust. Abraham trusted the servant with his legacy, with our own inheritance through Isaac. The wife of Isaac is everything to us just as Abraham and Sarah protected the promise before Isaac was even conceived. There is nothing pornographic about this interaction, it is real life.
    We have let the society around us dictate what is “acceptable”; now it’s time to look to our Father for what He wants us to think rather than leaning on the understanding of the society around us that we have taken on as our own understanding. This is a physical picture of just how big of a deal a covenant is with God; it is far more significant than signing a note for a car loan!
    Thanks for the tact men but don’t shrink back from the TRUTH!

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