Yoel ben Shlomo – The Issue of Milk & Meat

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  1. Gan Eden says

    I’ve noticed how milk from the supermarket these days seems to last forever! Years ago you’d be lucky to get 3 days! lol

  2. Mike says

    They your goats in the picture Jono?

  3. Adam says

    The first two times the commandment about boiling a kid in its mother’s milk is mentioned together with the feasts as you mentioned but the third time it’s grouped with the commandments about permissible and forbidden birds (at least in the Bible that I have the Koren Jerusalem Bible from around Deut 14:11 to Deut 14:21), so is it possible that this commandment is a dietary commandment in addition to forbidding a pagan sacrificial ritual? Also, could you comment on breaks in the texts of the Torah such as parsha stumot and parsha petuchot, where did these breaks originate, did they originate with Moses or were they introduced at a later time?

  4. jono vandor says

    I have to admit that these are not my goats. I got lazy and instead of looking through 100s of photos of our goats to find one of a mother and its kid…I just used Google 🙂

    We did have one of our goats kid last night! She had a boy and a girl. The boy will be meat in 3-4 months and the girl will be a quality milker like her mother. A wonderful blessing!

  5. HerbB52 says

    The tax collector that Yeshua went to eat with was Zakkai (Zacchaeus). See Luke 19.

  6. HerbB52 says

    I meant to mark the notify box.

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